• 2015 Feb 20th

    Opus 1 x The Album

    My biography sais, that at a certain point in my life I just did, what I can. Playing the violin and produce hiphop tracks. This simple recipe was the foundation for my first oevre, my opus 1, which I provide here as a free download. When I speak of „my work“, it’s only half way true. I had several fellows on this journey, who not only understood my vision, but also empowered it. Orchestral musicians and rappers, I feel grateful to both. And not least to you…

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  • 2007 Okt 27th

    Opus 1

    HipHop x
    Symphony Orchetra

    Like the name says, this is my first oeuvre. A fusion of hip-hop and classical symphony musical elements, Opus 1 connects the music I know and love, no more, no less.

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  • Divers 2011


    MIKI x
    MADE x Berlin

    MADE was, to paraphrase, an art initiative from Berlin that brought completely different art projects together in an unprecedented form.

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  • Divers 2014/15


    Popkultur x Klassischer Raum

    The term ‘takeover’ is meant to imply what this particular project is: a ‘takeover’ of a traditional classical space, such as a concert hall, for a special evening. I design programs that reflect the musical interests of a ‘pop generation’, but are performed in classical setting.

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